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over 29 years specialising in International Freight Forwarding Services

Tuscor Lloyds are a shipping agent based in Manchester, with a global network of freight agents, partners and suppliers, Tuscor Lloyds have built a reputation for integrity and excellence within the International Freight Forwarding industry.

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Piecing Things Together

We have an experienced network of partners across the world who are ready to provide high quality local services. We combine different modes of transport such as sea freight and air freight for precise, on-time shipments.

The Peoples People

Our partners and employees are respected throughout industry for their professional excellence. We deliver the highest level of service available in our industry and this ensures we grow with our customers as they receive repeat business.

Honesty and Integrity

Our customers are also our peers and understand the industry. We work in partnership and cooperation with customers at all times. We always maintain their confidence and never compromise on their security.